Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a week of contests! :)

Ok, so in addition to the 'Photo' contest that is currently running (see previous blog post on how YOU can win $10 off your next Bow Chick purchase of $30 or more), I am adding another.

I think 500 is a lovely number, and I would love to hit that milestone of Facebook fans on or before Thursday.  Share the The Bow Chick with friends, and encourage them to say that 'you' sent them on my Wall.  The lucky person to refer my 500th Fan gets 1 item (up to $10 in value) *FREE*!  Yup, so you basically get $10 in credit ;)

**A couple ways/tips on how to share...there isn't a 'share' button anymore :(  BUT, you can copy and paste The Bow Chick Facebook Page link in your status, or you can 'tag' The Bow Chick in a post/status too.

Share away friends!  I THANK YOU ALL for being so wonderful, and allowing me to do something I just love!


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