Monday, January 2, 2012

ALL of my customers are {ahh-mazing}...and the winner of the photo contest

I think I have the BEST.CUSTOMERS.EVER and I wanted to celebrate my 1 year grand opening anniversary by giving $25 shop credit to one of you ;)  I was so overwhelmed by the awesome response.  All of you have crazy {cute} kids too...for real! ;)

The rules were simple:  The photo with the MOST 'Likes' is the *winner*.  I did not personally 'endorse/promote' any of the photos, as you probably noticed I didn't 'Like' any of them (that was intentional).  However, I think they were all awesome, that's why for just submitting a photo to the contest you receive a *goodie* from me this week in the mail ;)  So keep a look out!

Without further ado, the photo with the most 'Likes' is................

(Cristin Lehnert please contact me to receive your gift)

AND...because there was a close second with a TON of likes too...this little one will win a $10 shop credit to The Bow Chick.

(Theresa Caswell please contact me to receive your gift)

Thank you ALL for playing along! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our 2012 'Kindness' Project

"I think what’s important for kids to know is that your decisions here on earth matter, your behavior matters and how you treat other people matters."
-Matt Damon; American actor

I make it a point, each and every day, to reinforce good behavior in my children (as we all do).  Anything from the usual, "Say Thank You", to the "Why don't you go out of your way today to talk to a new friend at school who could use SMILE?"  Do I always do a great job at it - - not necessarily :(  These conversations are usually quick ones as we're putting on clothes, brushing our teeth, hair, and eating cereal all at the SAME TIME!  I'm sure most of the time the girls are just nodding in agreement to make me go onto the next topic.  And this habit isn't JUST directed at the kids, it's at myself as well.  A simple reminder that small things DO matter, and it could be some random act that could literally make a huge difference in someone's day, or even life. 

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, at all!  To be honest, I don't think I have ever had one.  This isn't a resolution for our family, but a 12 month 'project'.  My goal is very simple:  Kindness.  With working outside the home 3 days/week, running a small business, 4 kids under age 6 (and all their activities) I always struggle to find time to volunteer, or do the charitable things I wish I could.  Sure, we make a point to sponsor a family every year around the holiday, and donate to organizations and charities, but not to the extent we should.  And, it's not just about giving monetary gifts, but it's about donating our time or sharing things that can't be bought - a smile, a thank you card, etc...

I've shared with you my LOVE for Pinterest (lol), and have to say this wasn't a Pinterest idea.  I know...shocker!  *I can't say that a couple things I found on there didn't give me other ideas about how to make this FUN for the family though :) 

We have, effective today, a basket that sits smack dab in the middle of our computer desk.  it contains 12 envelopes, one for every month.  Each month contains an 'Act of Kindness'.

These gestures contained in each envelope are bigger gestures, things that are going to be a family affair.  We will be opening each envelope at the beginning of every month and working together to accomplish the Act of Kindness.  All of us brainstormed ideas and penned them to paper.  *Here is a sampling below.

The second part of the project are small, weekly Acts of Kindness.  Contained in the jar below are a bunch of things on paper that the girls will draw from every Monday.  They are smaller gestures that they will do each week.  This is merely a means to once again instill in them the power of kind behavior on a daily basis, but to make it FUN too.

I'm hoping this to be a successful, fun, family project for 2012...and one that you will share!