Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Game Night} it all works ;)

To keep everyone up to speed with Game Nights, and how they ya go!

What are they???
I will periodically pick a night to share via Facebook a grouping of items (anywhere from 10-30 items) at a reduced price.  All different types of pieces are offered - anything from clips, to headbands, to bows!

How does it work???
I will upload a picture of each item for sale 1 by 1.  I will clearly state the description of the item (Details, Price, Qty available, etc).  The first person to comment with their email address gets the item. 

At the conclusion of the game I will send invoices (totaling all the items purchased) to your email address via PayPal.

*Important Note:
- The items are NOT *free*.
- If payment is not made within 2 days, your invoice/purchases will be canceled.

Happy Playing!!


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