Friday, February 17, 2012

...something borrowed something BLUE

I'm giddy with excitement over a new product I will be adding to my shop.  (Yes, I did say shop, lol).  I have been slowly, but surely, trying to migrate to having an online Big Cartel "shop" where some of my items are continually stocked to make it easier for all of you to browse, get ideas, and order.

With that being said, I've been in a fun, creative {wedding} mode.  My only sister is getting married in September and I've been overflowing with unique & beautiful ideas.  I have been wanting for a LONG time to sit down and design an amazing Bridal Garter that is truly one of a kind.  I finally did and I have to say I LOVE it! 

You will notice that there are 2 garters pictured...and yes, 1 for the Bride and one to toss! 

Here comes the fun part...The Bow Chick 1st ever *BRIDAL GIVEAWAY*! 

Yes, 1 lucky person will WIN this Bridal Garter Set.  This gorgeous vintage inspired package is valued at $45. 

Here are the rules:

1.  Share this link
2.  Pin the item on my store website
3.  Like The Bow Chick on Facebook

When you have done ALL 3, comment below stating why you'd like to be the lucky recipient of this fabulous bridal set ;)

Thanks for playing...and someone is going to be one lucky girl!



Haley said...

I am a HUGE MEGA Fan on FB!!!

Haley said...

I pinned the garter set here:

Haley said...

I shared on FB!!

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely beautiful!! My best friend is getting married in July and my beautiful sister-in-law is getting married in September. They are both very deserving of something extra special for their special days. These would fit perfectly with my sister-in-law's style, she is very trendy and simply gorgeous. My best friend finally found a wonderful man who loves and respects her and her children and it would be great to give her something so beautiful. If I won, it would be a VERY hard choice! (Or the other might have to get a set for their bridal shower!)

Anonymous said...

I am getting married in May and have been looking for a Garter set for months. Everything is so traditional and not what I imagined. This set is beautiful and different and will match my dress PERFECTLY!!! Not to mention I still need my something BLUE! :)

Nichole Hartwick said...

This is fated to be mine! My only sister is also getting married, her wedding is in August. We were just talking about her something blue being a garter. Today I started looking for garters that were handmade, one of a kind and then I seen this post. Can it get more fated than this?!

JodyB said...

I did all 3 to enter the giveaway!
My dear friend Tara is getting married this October and I think these are something she will truly love! She deserves each part of her special day to be as special as she is. The family she has created and will continue to create with her future hubby deserves every piece of happiness!

Michelle said...

My entire life I DREAMED of having a little sister! I LOVE both of my little brothers VERY much, but now after nearly 30 years I am getting my VERY OWN LITTLE SISTER!! Ryan found an amazing girl, and I would be thrilled to honor her with such an heirloom garter for her wedding day!!
Michelle Fuller

Lorelei said...

My sister in law is getting married in May. This would be amazing to be able to give her this beautiful, one of a kind, as she is truly an individual herself!

jamie said...

I would like to win this beautiful set for my honorary little sis. She is such an amazing person and exemplifies what it means to put others before herself. She is getting married in Traverse City, which is the last vacation spot their family went before her parents passed just a few years ago. It would mean so much to win this garter & add another special touch to their wedding day. She is a beautiful young lady, inside & out. Thank u for this opportunity!!

rearick7958 said...

I did all and love this so much. I would love to share it with a good friend of mine getting married this year.

Kayla H said...

I would love this for two of the most wonderful people in my life. My best friend is getting married the beginning of july & my mother is getting married @ the end of july! either of them would love this creative & individual gift!!

Ashley said...

I would love to have this for my June wedding in Barcelona, Spain. It matches my style perfectly and I love it. I still have so much to do and so much to for paid for yet. All the little items add up at the end. I haven't gotten my garter so I could take two worried off my Bride-To-Be 'to-do' list!!!! Please, pick me pick me!!!!

Unknown said...

Done! Done! Done! I am excited to possibly win this beautiful set for my cousin who is getting married in July. She would be ecstatic!
- Jenny Kroninger -

llkjones said...

Iam done !!! This would be wonderful for well I can't say its a ssshhh wedding :)

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